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Dual camera modules will soon be popping up on mobile devices and these are not the same as the 3D ones that Sharp and HTC were toying with in the past. The new camera modules hold a lot of promise in mobile photography but you have to wait till the end of the year to see a final product.
@dillionk, all photographers will be challenged at some stage to see if they can capture a 3D picture as good as a 2D one. It's a different path for traditional digital photographers as they would be moving towards superHD video capture in 4K.
@Benard I'm so excited that this is coming to the market, this is definitely a game changer. Do you think 3D photography will be utilized/accepted by modern photographers?
@dillionK, yes, that's it. It's a real game changer once that happens. I have always felt that 3D should be the final frontier for video and photography but we have had some hiccups going that direction so far.
@Bernard Very cool, so the images captured with both cameras are put together to make 3D pictures and video?
@dillonk it just means that it has two cameras instead of one. The dual camera module is made up two separate cameras just like the 3D cameras from HTC. The new dual camera modules will be integrated into mobile devices this year starting with the new HTC.
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