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Typewriter Series #710 by Tyler Knott Gregson Text for Tired Eyes: There’s a gift I can give to you even though you’re not the gift loving type. It’s a small offering a single contribution a wrapper-free and bow-less box filled with something you never asked for but maybe you’ve always needed. This is my gift to you: I’ll be the eyes to see what you don’t and I’ll be the voice that fills the ears deaf to those things for too many nights and too many days that followed. This is my tribute to all you don’t see, to the parentheses around your smile and the way laughter slithers from your lips and curls the corners of your mouth like they’re tied to hidden kites flying in hidden skies. Open your eyes. This is to how your feet throw heat and warm mine and how the sensation of calm can literally travel from your fingertip to my fingertips and up my arms into my chest. How the sight of you catching sight of me is enough to set my heart sprinting. To the sheer volume of that heart’s beating and the way it fills the room with noise like the sound of flags flapping in the wind, or broken songs beating through broken speakers, this is to all you don’t see ...