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@cherfulcallie i think it's just the overall feeling of how the idea of someone writing this on a package was what i wanted to say i guess hahahaa
This is so very touching. I love the words, simple but heartfelt. I also agree with @cheerfulcallie this was just done on a BG, you can find plenty of them on places like DeviantArt.
@cheerfulcallie I think you are right, nice eye!
ahhh i disagree, the BG appears to be a template and the words were written on top using a type font b/c if you look closely the package itself is imperfect with wrinkles but the font on top is smooth with imperfections....but the thought itself for anyone to have written on a package sounds romantic....besides all of TKG quotes are always written with a type font but on different BG templates....just saying...
@dillonk what i meant wasn't really literally writing it but as in type/print or place it on to the package hahahahahhaha
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