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Made this a while back and found it on my photo roll. Tteokbokki is the best, even for those with limited cooking skills. Give it a try. or check out Facebook:
@mykoreaneats i think the government should actually do a survey and ask the tourist i am sure that 99.99% of them will be like oh one of the thing i want to do most in korea is eat at a roadside restaurants!!! I mean they are shown in every drama there is in Korea.. and if they get rid of these in the tourist area then where will the tourist eat them :( ?
agree with you 100%. i just read an article about it, and the govt stated they wanted to "clean up" some tourist areas of illegal businesses like the street vendors. however, little do they know that they are part of the culture and tourists actually like them. bummer in my opinion.
i know!!! @mykoreaneats I don't understand what the government want actually ... I mean they are just old people who work to support themselves it's not like they are owned by the black markets or something :(
totally agree. it's weird though becasue they are getting harder to find here in seoul. govt is cracking down on them. :(
The best tteokbokki for me are the ones that you buy from the roadside stores!! don't you agree? @mykoreaneats