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These are all my bibimbab dishes that I've personally made over time. I didn't realize how many I made until looking at my old photo roll. ^^ Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!
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@Pranjali. yes, give it a try, you won't be disappointed. plus, it's healthy too! ^^
@mykoreaneats I was very surprised when I first came to korea to try the fried chicken here. I did not expect to find a) so many fried chicken places, and b) that the best fried chicken in the world was in Korea. Really quite incredible. I particularly like BBQ chicken; the golden fried chicken :)
@mykoreaneats I've never had bibimbab, but I love noodle dishes. Do you have any recipes for it?
@dillonk here is a link to one of my recipes but you can definitely mix n match the ingredients to your liking! ^^
@styleisking same here. who knew that korea (or any asian country) could make such good fried chicken. supposedly, they double fry the chicken to get it extra crispy and less oily. here is one of my attempts at it: