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Citrusy tangy, buttery rich, moist and easy to make. Find the full recipe here:
@lillyann ahh stress eating is the worst! i tend to eat a ton on days that im really busy because i dont know when the next time i can eat will be, hnnnnng
@nokcha let’s keep out fingers crossed for that :(
@lillyann well hopefully we wont have too many of those days in the future :)
@nokcha I totally understand you! I would just stuff them in and tell myself hey i won’t get to eat for a while or the opposite where i don’t get to eat for the whole day and just stuff it in telling myself since i didn’t eat it was okay for me to do so :(
@nokcha oh.. trust me dear you won’t be the only one who is capable of eating this by yourself! I think i have to shapely admit that I have probably finished half a cake by myself when I was really stressed! D:
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