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Live recap ENDED History will never change, only people do... ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and like + comment below~~~ <b>Legend</b> Song Seung Hun as Jin Hyuk: JH Park Min Young as Yoo Mi Na / Hong Young Rae: MN/YR Kim Jaejoong as Kim Kyung Tak: KT Lee Bum Soo as Lee Ha Eung: HE Lee So Yeon as Choon Hong: CH ----------------------------------------------------------- Just as HE about to take the poison a bunch of mobs came to rescue him. The head gangster guy came to tell JH to come out to see HE. The guards are being beaten up by the mob. JH realized something happened in history. Minister Kim heard the news and got really upset. HE yelled at the mob but they are not afraid of him. They argue back and forth. Minister Kim got news that Queen Dowager ordered him to come see her. She got really upset about what happened and scolded Minister Kim. Of course he isn't afraid of her and just cooly tell her his way. An official tells her something about the King which got Minister Kim surprised. A messenger is being dispatched to go somewhere. JH is helping an injured officer. The messenger arrives with the royal degree to forgive HE. He reads the degree out lout and everyone is overjoyed. On the street chaos is happening. The officers are beating up commoners. YR is with her servant and the girl tells her they should run away. They run into a young girl being harassed by some men and YR yelled at them. An evil guy appears, he takes one of the men's sword and lashed the young girl. YR got scared and ran away. The evil guy and his men run after her and they run into JH and his gang going back on the horse. KT is going back to his office and orders his men to do something. The evil guy is on his horse with a bunch of his men going somewhere then suddenly they got attacked by the mob. YR looks like she got rescued by JH and his gang YR tells her servant to go ahead first. JH says goodbye and leave HE and the good gangster guy to follow YR. JH says he wants to escort YR. YR refuses saying she can go alone (yea right, after you almost got caught by the bad guy). JH extends his hand to help YR but she doesn't take his hand. YR's feet are hurt; JH notices and asks her to sit down and prick the swollen blister on her feet. They talked a little and just as they're about to leave they saw the evil guy earlier who got stabbed. JH runs to help him while YR stands far away hesitating. HE went to the palace to see Queen Dowager. HE tries to persuade QD to do something. Back to JH, he found a small cottage in the forest and asks YR to help him tend the guy but YR said he deserved it since he killed an innocent girl earlier. JH disagrees saying they should help him regardless. They argue back and forth. JH yells at YR who is in tears. She says sorry but she will go ahead first and leaves. YR is sitting somewhere in the forest and thinks about what JH said about helping people. JH tries to examine the guy. He remembers what YR said but proceeds with the operation. The wound looks serious. JH stuffed white cloth in the guy's mouth for him to bite on. JH is sewing up the wound then suddenly he heard the mob coming to get the guy. JH tries to hurry but he wont make it and the mob is about to tear down the door. Then YR appears and puts a small dagger on her neck trying to threaten them. The mob doesn't hesitate because of that. JH comes out and nods looking at YR. The operation succeeded but the mob also got a hold of the unconscious evil guy and they cheered. In the palace HE met with some other officials and they have their political talks with underlined meanings. Minister Kim and his gang laughs at HE. THe mob took JH and YR with them along with the guy. The leader of the mob is YR's brother who saw his sister and JH. JH looks at him in shock. YR calls out brother in shocked as well. KT is in his tent remember when he pursues YR's brother. An officer came to report on the situation to him and asks him what to do. YR and JH are released and talking to YR. YR doesn't understand why her brother does this. He calmly explains to her. JH is upset and tries to reason with him. Perhaps killing corrupted officials isn't solving the problem according to JH. YR's brother isn't easily swayed and sticks to his beliefs. YR's brother leaves them. JH fears something worse might happen. YR says something which reminds JH about CH's prophecy about the man. He remembers when he saves YR's bro perhaps he was the one that makes all this happen and unintentionally makes or changes history. At the brothel, CH pays a deep bow showing respect to HE who came to visit with his buddy. They talk about politics and the current situation and about what the King would do. CH takes HE to see a man who is gambling. The head gangster is also there and signals one of his man who is also playing. The man who thought he was about to got everything is disappointed when the other took the win instead of him. KT orders his men to attack and wipe out the rebels. YR's brother asked YR why she's not leaving yet. She begs him not to attack. Everyone is preparing for the battle. YR cries and YR's brother asks JH to take care of her. The guards are running to attack the fortress and YR's bro tries to hold them out. Fierce battle. KT is also there. It's arrows vs. rocks Finally KT orders his men to shoot. Looks like the ending is inevitable. Guns vs. rocks and arrows. KT's men try to break down the door. The finally broke through the door. YR's bro saw his men dying. JH holds Yr's hand and leads her away in the forest. KT looks awesome as he swings his sword. He faces YR's brother. YR and JH walks in the forest when suddenly JH stops and thinks about something. He said he will go back. YR agrees saying let's go but JH yells at her saying she cannot go then suddenly they hear a gun shot. KT points the gun at YR's bro but decide to fight him with sword. YR hurries and goes back. The evil guy escaped and got a hold of a gun (uh oh). KT and YR's bro are alone fighting each other. YR's bro is cornered to the edge of a cliff. They talk a bit and continues fighting. YR's bro thanks him. It looks like it's KT's win. JH and YR came back and look thru the dead bodies trying to find her brother. KT yelled and slashes the mud instead. He turns away deciding to spare Young hwi's life. The suddenly the evil guy who was saved by JH appears and shots Yhwi to the heart. He falls off the cliff. KT yells his name and slashes the laughing evil guy. YR runs to the cliff crying out loud for her bro. JH looks at her and feels karma befalls on him. The gangster guy is trying to negotiate the guy who didn't win the gamble earlier. He shows him a box of silver money and gives him some money as a loan. Looks like a scheme by HE. HE comes in and yells at him. The guy got scared and fell on his feet. HE offers him a solution. Minister Kim is reading a royal degree with his eldest son. Minister Kim laughs in content since it looks like everything is going his way. HE is drinking with the gambling guy who is pouring his complaint about something. HE gives a look of disgust to the drunken guy but still smiles and pours him drink. HE meets with CH and tells her his plan is a success. JH is taking care of YR who is unconscious. He remembers what she said about saving the guy and feels regret for saving him. KT comes into looking at YR. JH tells him she will be fine. JH excuses himself and gets his bag and about to leave. He sighs and says it's his fault for saving the guy who killed Yhwi. KT gets a wet towel and cleans YR's face. He remembers the time the 3 of them went out. It was before their family is fallen. KT tries to hold YR's hand but Yhwi butts in and give him his hand instead. They have this comedic scene where Yhwi holds back KT's hand who is still shy and looks away thinking it was YR's hand the he holds. Yhwi teases him and laughs while walking away and KT chases after him. YR is smiling looking at them. Flashback ends, KT touches YR's hand. HE went to see Queen Dowager again and persuades her about choosing the successor of the throne. As HE's leaves QD's quarter he's dragged away by another guy who asks him to give him some info about QD's decision JH comes back to the clinic. Minister Kim is having a meeting with other officials. The official who tries to get info from HE earlier is also there and tells other what he hears about QD. The rest left; only Minister Kim and one official stays back discussing the matter. It seems he got something up his sleeve again. JH meets with HE and he learns about Yhwi's death. HE says tomorrow something will happen in the palace. JH remembers what CH said and told HE he will go to the palace tomorrow. At the palace he meets one of Minister Kim's men and is taken to see the King. The three have an audience with the King but don't see his face since they're separated by a curtain. END NO Preview See you next sunday~ I'm sorry I can only do live recap on Sunday >__<. It's so sad Yhwi is dead or maybe…we'll see him again toward the end?
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