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The expectation of a picture-perfect storybook wedding often turns what is supposed to be a beautiful time in two people’s lives into a stressful, nail-biting catastrophe. Fortunately for these couples, it looks like they’ve taken a step back and dealt with the stress of wedding planning with a generous dose of humor! RSVPs are one of the many things that can go wrong with a wedding – some people will fail to respond and show up expecting a seat, while others will confirm and then fail to arrive without any notice. The humorous response options on these couples’ RSVP cards will hopefully discourage people from being assholes. It seems like this is part of a recent trend in which weddings have been getting funnier and more lighthearted andcreative – from movie poster wedding invitations to wedding party attack pictures.
@styleisking I think it would be funn
@styleisking I like to think I have a good enough sense of humor to deal with this lol!! especially if I get a say in what the options on this kind of joke invitation are, then I think its okay!!
@styleisking well... I think i am one of those people who is like sure you can definitely try it out but then I am running everywhere behind the scene to make sure that everything goes as plan? I have very low self control i guess when it comes to things like projects or activities planning
When I married my wife, who is normally a beautiful calm serene princess (she is watching as I type this :), she became another person. There was to be no joking or messing around during our wedding preparations. May I ask the girls here, would you be understanding enough to let your grooms try this out? I am just curious :)
@ameliasantos10 I'll make sure to check the list very accurately for you hahah!!
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