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Choo Sung Hoon has a new rival in winning the affections of daughter Sarang! During a recording for KBS 2TV's 'Superman Is Back,' Sarang's boyfriend Yuto came over for a play date! After his mother suddenly asked Choo Sung Hoon to watch over him, Sarang excitedly ran out whenever she heard the doorbell ring and looked for her friend, which made her father uncomfortable. Seeing this, Yano Shiho said, "Sarang and Yuto are on close enough terms that they even kiss," which made Choo Sung Hoon feel even more uneasy. To keep the two in check, Choo Sung Hoon went to extremes at the restaurant the three of them visited together. Yuto asked Sarang, "Can I kiss you?" to which Choo Sung Hoon responded quickly, "You can't." However, he could not stop Yuto's kiss in the end. Sarang was also known to usually eat very excitedly. However, aware of her boyfriend Yuto, she showed a new side to herself by eating extremely modestly!
@rachelykim totally hahaha but still they are like the cutest thing though!! and did you see the way Sarang was eating?? she was such a lady > <
@ameliasantos10 lol now i think about it probably yes. he does look like ho bbang man LOL. and as u know sarang is like obssessed with ho bbang man
this was the cutest episode i have ever seen!! and Yuto-kun was adorable with those red cheeks and i think part of the reason why sarang likes him is because he looks is ho-bbang-man hahah don't you guys think so? @rachelykim @MC1390
i watched this episode yesterday !! so cute!