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How Olivia Wilde Keeps in Shape
Olivia Wilde is the definition of beauty. At the age of 31, this actress and model has not only risen to the top of Hollywood, but also had a beautiful baby boy! So how in the world did she maintain this kind of physique with the most demanding job ever: being a new mom! Always an active swimmer, surfer, and runner, Olivia never had trouble keeping her slim figure until her son Otis came along. It wasn't the usual problem of the baby weight being stubborn and hard to get off, it was the fact that she didn't want to leave her new baby to go to the gym! Olivia told Shape: "I knew the exercise was a crucial element of 'me time,' but it felt like leaving a karaoke bar to go take a physics exam. If I wasn’t at work, I just wanted to stay home and party with my little man — and by 'party,' I mean, of course, endless rounds of the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider.'" She soon learned to get out of the house and work out - returning to her favorite pilates and spin classes and getting back in the water to swim and surf. She's now back to her usual figure, but now appreciates the drive it takes to get to the gym. "Getting out of the house to exercise is a serious achievement. If you’re going to haul your behind to a class, it’s not going to be for anyone else; not your partner, nemesis, mother, or tabloid bloggers — just you. And your special relationship with your own damn fat cells. For me, the bottom line (pun intended) is that the workout is fun." Moral of the story? Find a workout that is fun for you and throw yourself into it. Don't workout just to impress others, workout for you and you alone. Whether its Zumba, swimming, kickboxing, or just taking a walk. Here are a few pilates workouts for beginners to get you excited about hitting the gym for a real pilates class: Pilates Moves for Perfect Legs 10-Minute Butt-Kicking Workout 6-Minute Total Body Slimmer 8 Simple Effective Pilates Exercises For Beginners