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My old pajeon recipe. Nostalgic and always comforting, especially with makgeolli (rice wine). ^^
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@nokcha. i've thought long n hard but is there another word we can replace the word pancake? hmmm.
4 years ago·Reply
I mean, its made like a pancake? but..with..veggies?
4 years ago·Reply
yep, but definitely not as soft n fluffy as a pancake since it's closer to fried in a lot of oil. oh well, asian pancake it is then. ^^
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@ameliasantos10 I think I meant dongdongjoo I think its called?? haha!! similar to makgeoli, right??
4 years ago·Reply
@oneshmile i don't think i have tried that before!! what does it taste like??
4 years ago·Reply