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To get closer with their viewers, miss A’s Suzy and Baek Sung Hyun held a special chatting event with 10 lucky fans through me2day. The two actors, who are both acting as the ‘300 pizza’ couple on KBS’ Big, spent time on June 28 chatting with 10 fans as thousands of others stood by and watched chatroom. With each question the fans asked, Suzy and Baek Sung Hyun replied with wacky answers, making fans laugh. Some fans even wrote short poems for Baek Sung Hyun using his name, to which Suzy quickly said, “Make one for Jang Mari too!” She then thought of her own, and laughed along with the fans for with quirkiness. The two stars then encouraged the fans who were taking their midterms at the moment and wished them good luck. When it was time to say good bye, Suzy and Baek Sung Hyun lingered, not wanting to leave the chat. Suzy added, “Everyone watch the rerun of Big and the actual broadcast, then watch the rerun again and again and again and then watch the actual broadcast on Mondays and Tuesdays!” Baek Sung Hyun updated his me2day afterwards with “It was fun chatting with all of you ^^ Please watch Big. A picture with Mari.” Netizens who watched the progression of the chat event said, “I wish I could have chatted with them,” “Will there be another event like this?” and “Suzy is so funny. I was cracking at her sense of humor.” Src: Enewsworld