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This picture is the perfect example of why you should always take the window seat on a flight! This stunning landscape (or skyscape?) was snapped as passenger Mark Hersch’s flight was approaching Chicago O’ Hare International Airport last week. He had his iPhone out to take a picture when the plane took a sharp turn and revealed this incredible sight – the Chicago skyline casting its shadow on the surface of Lake Michigan. One physicist even drew a design explaining the lines of perspective that went into the image. This mystical photograph is definitely aonce-in-a-lifetime shot. By the way – can you spot the second aircraft in this photo?
@ugsi @onesmile This is an impressive shot. It's hard to believe that no manipulation was done..
this is an awesome shot~~ so many layers to it. I totally cant find the other aircraft, though!
is that really real?
I'd be really interested to see the design drawn by the physicist to explain it. I agree with @dillonk - it's hard to believe that there's no manipulation at all
@onesmile yeh me to,it's not covered at all.