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Kim Sun Ah currently appears in MBC’s I Do I Do as the shoeholic Hwang Ji An, and has been grabbing the attention of female viewers by showing off styles that are perfect from head to toe. Her hairstyle especially tops everything else. In order to portray Hwang Ji An’s proud character, Kim Sun Ah tried out a short bob for the first time. Female viewer reactions have soared as the transformation turned out to be just right. Kim Sun Ah’s wine/brown-colored short hair fits her character and the summer season perfectly. Her high heels and accessories also match perfectly with her overall style, making Kim Sun Ah one of the hottest fashionistas of this summer. Her clothes for every episode suggest new trends for women, and because Kim Sun Ah herself is fairly interested in fashion, she chooses her own jewelry and shows her shining sense in the area. An official from the drama said, “The fashion items that appear in the drama have been drawing many inquiries after being dubbed ‘Kim Sun Ah earrings’ or ‘Kim Sun Ah necklaces’. Some shops have reported that the items have sold out and that they’ve been receiving requests for reservations.” I Do I Do will be getting deep into its love triangle as Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo) starts to believe that Jo Eun Sung (Park Geon Hyeong) fathered Hwang Ji An’s child. Src: Enewsworld
she is a good actress, love her styles so much
love her... she's really good in acting...specially in comedy romance drama.
love her style in I do I do !!!
just love her shoes so much
love her in I do i do...cant wait for 11 episode