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I love pies!
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Who would not love pie? The only time I did not appreciate pie was when I was younger, and I was forced to memorize pie, the mathematical sign... That was not a good day for pie
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@styleisking i know!! there's no reason to not love pie.. well except that pie i guess hahahahhaha but other than that there shouldn't be a reason in this world for you to not like it right? hahaha what's your favourite?
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@styleisking @ameliasantos10 I must be the only person on earth that doesn't like pie :(
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@dillonk i mean we are not judging..... maybe a little bit? lollll but there's no pie that you like at all? apple pie? pecan pie?
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@ameliasantos10 I just haven't found a pie I really like...unless you count shepherd’s pie! I can't stand apple pie though, don't hate me :)
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