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For a lot of people, back pain is commonly associated with the older section of society. Phrases like “Twenty years old with the back pain of a sixty-something” are irksome quips that youngsters today often get from their elders while complaining of back pain. But, in reality, back pain is very common among the young working-class population. In fact, it is the leading cause cited to take leave from office and is usually neglected after a day or two of rest. The exact cause of back pain relief oil can be very difficult to diagnose. In fact, over 85% of back pains the world over are classified as non-specific and often don’t receive the right treatment.

It is always better to seek help so that your back pain is tended to properly before they get worse. But even before getting professional help, you can try some simple effective back pain home remedies. They will help more than painkillers would since they treat the cause rather than the symptom, and will only take a few minutes of your time each day. Before diving into some back pain home remedies, let’s look at some common causes for back pain so that you know what kind of pain you are dealing with.

Common Causes of Back Pain
1.Bad Posture

The reason the working class is more prone to suffering from back pain today compared to earlier generations is simply that most jobs today entail spending long hours hunched in front of a computer or laptop. Cramped workspaces are also very common. It is always recommended to keep your spine straight while you work, but often it just isn’t feasible and sometimes we just don’t notice. Bad posture can cause both instant pain and pain that takes years to develop but can be debilitating nonetheless.

However, bad posture isn’t just restricted to workspaces. Even sleeping in certain positions can cause back pain. This, however, is easily avoidable once you know about it. Sleeping on your back is always recommended, but if you sleep on your sides, change sides frequently.

2.Small Injuries

Back pain is often caused by small injuries to the muscles or ligaments. These generally occur in the form of strains or sprains. Injuries are in fact very common; they are often hard to avoid. You might end up with a small injury just by moving something heavy around the house or while enjoying a little time out with your friends playing football. But there’s no reason to panic because these can often be managed with simple back pain home remedies. Just be sure to take care of them as soon as you realize you have been injured.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

1. Ice Packs

Our muscles react positively to both heat and cold depending on the situation. But ice packs are the best treatment for sudden injuries and acute pain. They work by reducing the inflammation in the muscles and is a good choice as a temporary measure when you can’t get to a doctor immediately. Sometimes, it may need no further treatment.

2. Exercise

Various forms of exercise can help reduce back pain. Gentle stretches are the best way to treat slight muscle pulls, though care must be taken to not further aggravate the injury. Our body is very accomodating, just that we have to train it bit by bit. Back stretches make your back more flexible, helping you avoid future injuries. In a way, stretches might be the most useful of all the back pain home remedies listed here, because it both reduces pain and helps avoid it.
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