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Hi everybody! I am happy to present my new Trading Card :) Unfortunately my scanner is not so good, the colours are a little bit darker in original. Nevertheless I like this Card, because it is the first time I am absolutly proud of the Dragon I draw. I hope you like it, too. Visit me on my Facebook side:
@Goyo: no I am Not studying ;) just drawing and painting and learning on my own - therefore none of my Art is perfect ;) just keep practising you will see: the more you paint the better you will get (Sorry for my Bad english I am German +writing from my Handy ;))
@schattenranke. ahhh cool. are you studying to become an artist? i wish i could draw but that was one talent I could never make up lol
@nokcha: normal paper, Copic marker, polychromos pencils and white ink :) @goyo: actually no but know you said it I see that you are right :) the Dragon really looks similar to Gardisten :) I am Not using Inspiration: I am just drawing and create something (wirhout a plan) ;)
@schattenranke Was this at all inspired by Gyarados from Pokemon? I was a big Pokemon fan and this reminded me of Gyarados.
Wow! What did you use to create this?