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Someone chopped out their favorite snippets from Boys Over Flowers, I Summon You, Gold, Master’s Sun, Protect the Boss, Goong, Coffee Prince, and a dozen other Korean Dramas, put the whole thing in a blender set on frappe, and out came Bride of the Century: ’ll admit it, I am sucked in. This is drama crack, in its most refined form. I absolutely cannot resist: - the cold chaebol valiantly trying to hide the lost little boy inside - the plucky young heroine trying to use her native wit to survive but being led astray by her kind-heartedness - the cruel rival with a tenuous hold on reality - the cold nasty conniving female, dressed in the most hideous latest fashions - the sweet grandma - the troubled scion of the older generation who is made to smile by the heroine’s cheerfulness - the kisses: the Awkward, the Accidental, and the Unplanned - the birth secret! the switched role! the constant threat of discovery! - ghosts with mischief in mind And an added bonus, kittens. I am helpless before the onslaught.
when I first started it I wasn't sure how i will feel about it but wow i must agree with you.. it's the perfect blend of all the dramas!!
yeah all true :-P i love this drama soo faarrrr ..... perfect