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Whoa! I didn't even recognize Jessie J! Her hair!!!! I'm so sure if I actually like it...what do you guys think? This video is so PINK and fun~
@nokcha i still remember when my friend showed me the music video especially the explicit version!! so many regrets lol and the whole Miley thing just wow... they will forever stick with me when i see either of them anywhere ahhaha and you are right despite of what she looks like her voice is still as great as ever!!
@ameliasantos10 I'm really not digging her hair, but her voice is still great! I know what you mean about Robin Thicke. I was out of the country for when Blurred Lines came out/got really popular but I couldnt avoid it completely hmmm
omg Jessie J!!! She does look really different and to me I am not sure how i feel about it either .. I mean for some reason it sounds like some kind of Jpop for me hahahahah and everytime I see Robin Thicke I still think of Blurred line so it might take me a while to get used to this!