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“Oh baby, baby, it’s a wired world” is the latest series by Greece-based visual designer Charis Tsevis who creates incredibly intricate wire illustrations of animals and people. Tsevis says he was inspired by our highly wired world: “So many cables, so many lines that transfer electricity and data. I am amazed by this networked, wired world. In this set of work I have collected 6 illustrations created for 5 clients during the last 2 years. All of them have to do with the relationship between the network and the human body and spirit”
@ugsi Oh I see, thanks! I just love how this work can be conceptualized. It looks like the artist is addressing the consumption of nature as technology spreads. Although, it looks like he is saying that technology can be beautiful like these creatures!
@dillonk I think he made them like posters,because they were made as comertial posters. check out this site for more info on this art
@ameliasantos I had the same reaction! lol... @ugsi I'd be interested to know how these pieces are installed into galleries. Do you think they are hung with strings or are the cords stiffened in some way so they can stand upright?
at first i just thought it was coloured pencil on a black piece of paper and then i read the title .. wow @styleisking I am with you these pieces totally took my breath away
Creative and breath taking
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