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Look at these ingredients! 1 C Orzo 14 oz. of Vegetable Broth 2-1/2 C total of mixed vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, tomato, corn, edamame and green onions Salt & Pepper, to taste ½ Tbl Vegetable Oil Chopped parsley to garnish Vegan Parmesan Here's the simple recipe.
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@dillonk sadly i have not tried any orzo dishes but i heard about how delicious they are :D
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@ameliasantos10 Give is a try some time instead of rice!
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it looks yummy
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@ameliasantos @dillonk i love orzo because its the perfect mix between pasta and rice! plus you can get multi-coloured orzo so your meal will be super colourful :) @junmiju i need to actually make this, every time i look at the picture i start to get hungry, sooo many veggies :):):)
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@caricakes I would love to try them one day!! or hopefully make them! :)
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