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I love the Flat Iron district in New York. Eataly, an Italian eatery, is located right next to Madison Square Park where you can get delicious gelato and espresso! Argo Tea and Shake Shack are two other popular stops! You can reach it by the N, Q, or R trains at the 23rd St Stop!
The grid system is the best! But once you're in the village and lower all hope is lost
@caricakes that area is just one huge mess. personally i completely understand when tourists get completely lost bc even as a new yorker myself, I cannot figure it out lol
Eaxctly! Or when St Marks Place is where 8th st should be and then we get into the really confusing streets that arent numbered anymore!
@caricakes I really like walking around here but I always get so confused around that area. I hate that 13th street somehow hits 4th street or something. Seriously grid lock is what made the rest of New York so great lol