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8 of the World's Best Coffee Spots!
Melbourne, Rome, Singapore, Vienna, London, Iceland, New Zealand, Seattle. Have you ever been to these places? I know that Rome and Vienna have amazing coffee. What about Australia??
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for me i think i am similar to @caricakes because i usually love reading while at a cafe!
4 years ago·Reply
I've been new Zealand ;) I recommend flat white in Wellington cafe !! Wellington coffee is much better than auckland cafe's coffee
3 years ago·Reply
@yeji0117 i would love to try the coffee in new zealand too! but why do you say Wellington coffee is better? what's the difference?
3 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 cos they use different machine so they can more strong coffee. kiwi (new zealander)also said Wellington makes better FW !!
3 years ago·Reply
@yeji0117 i guess it's the way they roast their coffee? I would love to try this WEllington coffee one day! :)
3 years ago·Reply