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Gorgeous and amazing! I can't wait to meet Gaho!! lol
@serbshavemofun that would just be amazing like GD serving your breakfast LOLLLL > <
Omg @ameliasantos10 !! That's exactly what I was thinking!! but now that I know about it, I HAVE to go!! lol but yes - sharing is the only way I'll be able to do it too! I have a great friend coming with me, thankfully! but once I am there, u have to come out and check it out with us!!!! Can you imagine if anyone from YG was there at the same time?!
@nokcha @serbshavemofun I am convinced that the Kpop people get together and they are like ... how should we take money away from these fan girls this year .... wow .. can we combine some money and go together? like get the smallest room hahah
Maybe I'll visit haha if i can afford
100%!! I thought the same thing @nokcha - but it's legit! :D :D :D
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