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Dragon City Breeding Guide How To Breed Super Flame Dragon

In old versions of Dragon City, Pure Dragons were being the rarest of the particular hard to find, only obtainable by simply raising two Legendary Dragons jointly and hoping for the right end result. Around dragon city breeding with War update, this technique was turned upside down. Pure Dragons are presently purchasable looking after a person reach a new a number of stage, and can then end up being bred together for a modest chance at a single of the six Popular Dragons. Real Dragons can easily also be used to help breed hybrid dragons like as Natural Electric, Genuine Dark, and so with.

How To Breed Seashore Dragon

Sap Dragon + Shelly Dragon
Speed Dragon + Zhu Dragon
Turkey Dragon + Forest Lord Dragon
Lizard Dragon + Blind Dragon
Doctor Dragon + Lachlan Two Dragon

How To Get Alloy Dragon

Baker Dragon + Chameleon Dragon
Bavarian Dragon + Hope Dragon
Mercury Dragon + Barley Dragon
Emberscale Dragon + Touchdown Dragon
Masquerade Dragon + Chubby Dragon

How To Get Dragotron Dragon

Crystal Dragon + Burbi Dragon
Kooky Dragon + Mana Dragon
Heavy Armored Dragon + Panther Dragon
Natura Magi Dragon + Evanescent Fae Dragon
Vicky Dragon + Neptune God Dragon

How To Breed Surprising Dragon

Huntress Dragon + Permafrost Dragon
Honey Collector Dragon + Sailer Dragon
Wind Dragon + Equilibrium Dragon
Triumphant Dragon + Dracon Dragon
Mothers Day Dragon + Aquaking Dragon

How To Breed Turbo Dragon

Vampire Of Wrath Dragon + Hansel & Gretel Dragon
???? Dragon + Coral Dragon
Sun Dragon + Sportive Dragon
Doggy Dragon + High Tension Dragon
Waterfall Dragon + Nightmare Dragon