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This star headband is so fun! It's made with fabric stars, and is tied into place, so it will stay put and it won't hurt your head! Great, right? The maker can also make it in silver, so if gold isn't your color (like me!) you can try that. I think this is such a fun accessory to spruce up a plain outfit!
@ameliasantos10 maybe they juat need to find the right hat, haha! I like hats but it takes me a long time to find good ones~
@onesmile although I love hats i think that not alot of girls actually like wearing hats though... :(
@ameliasantos10 oooh!! thats a great way to add some sort of accessory to your head :) I dont see enough female hats on vingle haha someone shiuld make a collection~~
i think i definitely am more of a clip person! @onesmile but also i usually don't have accesories for my hair haha i am a little bit obsess with hats!
@ameliasantos10 they can be really hard :( but I think everyone probably has a kind of hair piece that can work for them! Have you tried hair clips instead?
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