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Eun Hee met with Jungrok to ask a favor. she said she had a son, and her son was in seoul. If he ever met with Jungrok, Eun hee asked him to contact her. Yoon-ahri Yoon actually had feeling for Ahri, but for ahri's sake he pretended not too. Yoon asked Ahri to focus in her dream to be a bag designer. Ahri said, bag designing is her dream, but Yoon is her destiny. But Yoon just rejected her coldly Jungrok and Minsong Minsong told Yoon that she want to file for divorce. All 3 guys asked Jungrok to be more mature in his relationship with his wife, saying that Minsong has done so much for him in the past. The 4 of them were having an argument on Yoon 's office when Minsong accidently heard it. Jungrok asked his friends help one last time to save his marriage, confessing that he still love his wife and don't want to lose her. Minsong touched by it and decided to give Jungrok another chance Teesan and Sera Teesan and sera' s relationship was going well until Teesan's mother started bugging him asking to meet Sera. Teesan asked Sera to meet his mother, but Sera just refused it straightly, saying she has no plan in getting married and also having children. Teesan was angry and getting stressed about this new facts. Yisoo- Dojin Yisoo and Dojin started their relationship. Dojin asked Yisoo to act as if she's in one sided love with him, just like how she like Teesan. Yisoo surprised Dojin with coming to his office and his house. All the 4 guys was in Dojin's house when Yisoo come. Just right behind her, is Collin. Colling said he come to meet all 4 guys
Did you see how Do Jin was staring Collin on their first meet? :( Hope that's not the sign.
yeah i know what you guys mean... i'm crossing my fingers that hes not Do Jin's son... please please please scriptwriters!!!
Me too! Dont want him to be DJ's son...but I think he is.
I hope the young boy is not Do Jin's son!
thanks for doing this!!!