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Nikon isn't alone when it comes to producing buggy cameras like the D600. Sony has a problem with the A7 which they are loath to admit.
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I'm loathe to ask, but how much is it? @dillonk @benard
@fallingwater, it cost about usd 1.7K online. could be cheaper in a duty free shop.
@benard thats quite a price tag!!!
@Benard @fallingwater Hmm, last time I checked the D4s is about $6.5 usd...maybe $1.7 used? I think the D800 might be a much better deal though, ~$2k but with 36.3mp. I almost fainted when I first read that, 36.3 mp from a Nikon!
@dillonk Yes, I am aware but I can't find a reason to get a full frame DSLR. 16 megapixels is all you need if you frame your subject tight. With more megapixels, you can afford to loosely compose a pix and crop to fit later. That's the only advantage.