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well @dillonk … it's really funny … suppose you're having a conversation about korean shows [with friends who don't watch any] and you brag about knowing korean … so they say teach me some swear words … and you have to sound you know what you're talking about … so you prattle on … Annyeong[hello] oppa saranghe [honey, i love you] eunni gomawo [older sister thank-you] yehet [it's like an exclamation] … so when said with attitude makes anyone believe you speak korean … :D
@divalycious I know this me and one of my colleagues start to have Korean language course and start to talk in Korean to each other so all other colleagues start to ask to learn the basics
@divalycious Oh I see now, hahahahah. Put a little attitude in makes it seem like you know more than you really do?