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This girl blows my mind! First off, English isn't her first language, and she's sitting down! How does she hit these notes? She was on K-Star I think? Anyone know?
@goyo i totally agree with you about korean people breaking into singing performances lol i think they have alot of practice at the karaoke no? Karaoke is probably the biggest part of the korean culture i would think
@nokcha really? hmm I never thought that would be the case. I don't know why but I always thought that sitting would make most things easier lol Are you a singer?
@goyo its hard to hit those notes with that much power if you're seated because you can't use your breath as well as when youre standing^^
@n3xt It is very common to just have a random Korean friend break out into a good singing performance lol @nokcha I am confused. Is it harder to sing seated?
I cant imagine focusing on pronouncing words while singing perfectly, while seated! I wonder if she won the competition she was in?
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