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Why Purnima is Auspicious?

Poornima or the full moon day is considered to be an auspicious day. Most of the activities are started on this day and they bring good results. People keep fast on this day and tend to gain the tenderness from the full moon. Full moon night represents the kind heartedness of the God which in true sense inspires the devotees. As the moon is a symbol of light heart and sensitivity, disciples are blessed with peace of mind on this day. Those who keep fast on this day gain patience and immense mental peace.

This is considered to be an auspicious day as compared to Amavasya, which is the night with no moon. Amavasya is inauspicious in many ways. Without Moon night, it’s a scary night which is perfect for tantriks and evil souls to enhance their power and energy. People who have mental disorders tend to become agitated on Amavasya and Poornima.
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Different recitations and chanting are done on this day of Purnima. Mahamrityunjay Jaap is one of them. Most of these ceremonies are followed by Dharma talks and charity. It’s the day of sacrifice and devotion. People obey and meditate the religious teachings and eat vegetarian food. Food and money is donated by people as a sign of sacrifice and devotion. Many trapped animals are also set free to display the kindness and empathy for them.

This is the period of growth and strength since it is the full phase of the moon. People offer prayers to their forefathers or ancestors on this day to gain their blessings.
Lord Buddha was born somewhere around 623 B.C .on the full moon day. It was on the same day that he attained enlightenment and then he passed away, again on the same full moon day after attaining salvation or complete liberation. This day is called as Buddha purnima or Vesak and is considered to be the most sacred day by the Buddhist. Hindus consider Gautam Buddha an incarnation of lord Vishnu so they also celebrate the day

Hindus also perform Puja and rituals on this day. Hindus perform Vishnu Puja on this day. They read Vishnu sahasranama and recite Vishnu aarti. They also meditate in order to gain positive energy on this day. Their physical and mental health improves immensely. Sweet dishes are distributed among family and other people. Poori, Bhaji, Kheer, Rasgulla, and Gulab Jamun etc. are made by ladies and ate to rejoice the very day. People follow vegetarian diets and wear satvik clothes. They abstain themselves from the worldly pleasures and keep fasts as well. Devotees are blessed with prosperity, children, peace and happiness in the families.

Some of the benefits of Purnima that a devotee attains according to spirituality are listed below:

* If Puja is done on this day it helps to attain success in life. The disciple is able to set and achieve goals in life. His life become purposeful

* On the day of Purnima if vrat is done it helps in the improvement of your health, both mentally and physically. The devotee gets inner peace and harmony in life. His physical and mental health improves immensely.

* Purnima Worship helps removal of all sins, present and past from the devotee’s life. Devotee gets rid from all the sins that he has committed due to worldly affairs

The people born on Poornima remain intelligent and full of wisdom throughout their life. They are usually wealthy and smart. Poornima has its own importance and is associated with various aspects of life. Moon which is the ruler of human minds is at its full glory on Purnima. It represents a key planetary aspect as far as astrology is considered. Moon shows its full illumination on this day and becomes the cause of high tides. A flooding of thoughts is also experienced by the people having mental disorders. Purnima.
Purnima signs new beginnings and is considered to be a pious day. It’s the brightest day without lights. People worship the moon for its blessings. The Puja done on this day can be very powerful and helps the devotees to gain their wishes and desires in life. Purnima is a Nepali word which means “ Full Moon”.
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