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I'm sure there are people who can relate to this PostSecret. Sometimes the people closest to us hurst us the most.
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that is cruel. but is the sister the one who did something wrong? I wouldn't consider that guy my best friend if I were that girl
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@Goyo I think both the guy friend and the sister did something wrong. The guy just sounds like a horrible friend who doesn't appreciate his friend for who she is and the sister is horrible for even telling her sister what was said! What's wrong with people these days X.X
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@imliz agreed....we shouldn't have to hear these things. isn't being happy with ourselves enough?!
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@onesmile It should be enough!! I mean it's already hard trying to be completely happy with yourself, but having the people that are close to you put you down..... *Sigh*
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@imliz i totally agree with you .. being happy with yourself should be more than enough! and who is that guy to judge other?! this actually made me kind of mad!
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