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PHHHOTO is a social photobooth that makes animated GIFs of everyone at your party. The system consists of three main parts: an attention-grabbing ringlight that produces beautiful pictures; an iPad running special software for taking and sharing PHHHOTOS; and a configurable web feed for displaying PHHHOTOS as they happen — viewable from just about any device you can imagine. For more information, visit their website. http://www.phhhoto.com/
@tapsamai so is this an actual photobooth? or is it an app?!?! but the gifs are adorable though
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@ameliasantos10 I love the last gif...she just keeps putting on make up! That's just way too much!! lol
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@dillonk i love the 3rd one though hahaha look at the girl in the middle!! hahahaha
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@ameliasantos10 hahahahah her change in expression is so sudden it's really great. Especially since the guy right next to her doesn't move a muscle lol
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