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The Lowline is a plan to use innovative solar technology to illuminate an historic trolley terminal on theLower East Side of New York City. Their vision is a stunning underground park, providing a beautiful respite and a cultural attraction in one of the world’s most dense, exciting urban environments. Lowline community’s new project, the Remote Skylight. "The ‘remote skylight’ involves treating light like a liquid—transporting it from one location to another," explains Lowline co-founder and Executive Director Dan Barasch. To do so, Barasch and Ramsey devised an intricate system of satellite-like solar panels, helio tubes to channel the sunlight from street level to the subterranean trolley station and a reflective umbrella-shaped dome to distribute the sunlight to encourage plant growth. “We all know that natural light enables plants and trees to grow, but we also have substantial evidence that natural light makes humans happier,” continues Barasch.