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This man uses lasers to cute designs into his seaweed (nori) for his sushi rolls! I wouldn't be able to eat this, its too gorgeous!
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@caricakes @pampam93 what if he gives you the scraps? hahahahah
@caricakes you made a great point there... why would i pay someone to take away my seaweed LOL @onesmile well... now we are talking lol if he gave me back the scraps too i might consider his service!
@pampam93 well I guess we'll just have to require he at least uses the scraps for something else haha!!
@onesmile he can just put the scraps on a newly cooked rice! and i will be a happy person!!! maybe put in a bit of soysauce! ~ that's probably all it takes to make me happy
@pampam93 yes that sounds perfect lol!! simple and then he can still make his fancy designsㅋㅋㅋ