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Tired of bread and butter? Why not give authentic local breakfast a go while you are in Indonesia's capital? The Jakarta Post Travel has picked six local breakfast dishes easily found in Jakarta. Fill yourself up with the most important meal of the day and give your tastebuds an adventure at the same time. Ketoprak Made of rice noodles, fried tofu and bean sprouts and served with garlicky peanut dressing, sweet soy sauce and crackers, ketoprak is one of Jakarta's favorite breakfasts – though many have it for lunch and dinner as well. Boiled potato is sometimes added as part of the dressing, which is made by pounding the ingredients using a mortar and pestle. This savory treat can be eaten with rice cakes or rice, and spiciness can be adjusted to your preference. Bubur ayam Usually available at upscale Indonesian restaurants as well as street food stalls, congee, or bubur in Bahasa Indonesia, is one of the most popular ways to prepare the country's main staple. Cooked in chicken broth and served with condiments like shredded chicken, crispy fried shallot slices and chopped celery, this rice porridge is eaten by many for breakfast to kickstart their day with a full stomach. Bubur made the Chinese way has the consistency of a thick broth, whereas Indonesians tend to make their bubur thick, with a minimum of liquid leftover. Gado-gado If you like dishes with garlicky peanut dressing such as ketoprak, you would probably enjoy gado-gado as well. With its mixture of fried tofu and tempeh, boiled potatoes and chopped steamed vegetables such as snake beans, pear squash, mung bean sprouts, spinach and corn kernel, served with sliced steamed rice cakes (or rice, if you prefer), caramelized shallot, sago crackers and bitter nut crackers, gado-gado is considered by many as a healthy dish. Ketupat sayur A Betawi signature dish, ketupat sayur is also loved by many for its sweet and savory taste of snake bean curry with bawang goreng (finely chopped deep-fried shallots) on top, served with ketupat (rice cake inside coconut leaves) and a number of side dishes such as boiled egg, potato and tempeh. Though this dish is not quite as popular in Indonesian restaurants, it is widely sold by street vendors, especially in Betawi neighborhoods such as Rawa Belong and Kebon Kacang. Soto mie For those who prefer noodles for breakfast, try the savory soto mie (beef noodles with rich broth). Betawi and Bogor in West Java are regions that are usually associated with the dish and both have the same basic ingredients, usually yellow noodles, bihun (rice noodles), tomatoes, sliced cabbage and pieces of beef. Pecel Usually combined with rice cakes or a small amount of rice, pecel is also a famous breakfast dish for Jakartans. The sweet and spicy dish usually consisting of blanched vegetables, tofu and peanut sauce is traditionally served on a pincuk (folded banana leaves) and best accompanied with huge chunks of crispy, savory rempeyek kacang (fried peanut crackers).
@keshie well.. if i ever get a chance to try it one day i will def. let you know if this could go one my favourite indonesian food list! ahha
@dillonk so many! one of them is strolling in Central Park :))
@pampam93 it's indeed one of my fave Indonesian food :)
@keshie New York is an amazing city! I don't know how Jakarta, but New York City is busy busy busy. Is there anything specifically you want to see/do in NYC?
@keshie reading the ingredients already sound amazing:D I really want to try one!!
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