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I love these heels!! they cover and show just enough of your skin!! and also the open toes to show off your pedicure!! simply loving these > < @cheerfulcallie what do you think dear?
@lillyann oh yes yes yes indeed! i love the design concept, it is very chic and sexy with the open toe....now white is nice but i prefer it in black and i have to say the craftsmanship needs improvement b/c i wouldn't choose a leather that's too soft, see how it wrinkle at the ball of her feet? Meaning the substrate used it not sturdy therefore its not giving you that pristine look....just saying...lolz
@cheerfulcallie I totally agree with the colour choice of black! although white is adorable too!! giving you the softer sexy look! and about the material choice i think that even though they might wrinkle but they look so comfortable!! xD