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The most hardworking animals.. It's so hard to take these pics and this is my first, the pics are not really good..
@syjes Macro lenses take a steady hand. Because the focal distance is so small, finding the focus through the viewfinder can be kind of difficult. You'll get better at it with practice, a tripod might help out too :)
@syjes Oh~~ hehehe..... I don't have a background in photography but I enjoy taking pictures too!! Looking forward to see more pics uploads!!
@syjes I like the images, but make sure you nail your focus. You might have to move the camera a little farther away from the subject, but the sharpness makes up for that!
@syjes Did you blur this pictures on purpose? btw...I like that you can see the detail of the ant's body in the second picture.
@dillonk yup..I better bring the tripod next time cause when I'm taking this pic my hands were @imliz I'm so sorry cause it takes a longer time for me to upload other pics..been so busy with other things..Tq!!
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