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There’s never any question about whether or not actors are talented. Well, sometimes there is but that’s beside the point. What can be surprising, however, are the talents that we don’t get to see on-screen. Here’s a list of actors (and an actresses) who have some pretty sick skills in the music department: Johnny Depp: Guitar Considering Depp’s long time rock star mojo, it should come as no surprise that he’s got some music running through his veins. He’s a fairly accomplished guitarist and has even done some face-melting slide guitar work on an Oasis song in the 90s! Bruce Willis: Harmonica When not packing action into action-packed action flicks (a little redundant, I know) Willis can be found brushing up on his blues harp chops. He’s even performed on stage with some of the greats! Clint Eastwood: Piano Clint Eastwood is a gruff, merciless cowboy on screen but a sensitive musician at home. Dirty Harry is a pianist and not just on the side; he’s composed the scores of a few of the movies he’s created, such as Million Dollar Baby and Mystic River. Keanu Reeves: Bass Guitar Keanu Reeves is known for his deadpan acting and off-screen solemnness. What he’s not as well known for is being a moderate-core rocker! Reeves is a long-time bass guitarist and even had a stint as part of the alt-rock band Dogstar. Steve Martin: Banjo There’s nothing funny about this funny man’s banjo skills. He’s been playing since he was a teenager and has now even won a Grammy for it! Hugh Laurie: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Harmonica Dr. House can do more than diagnose tricky cases and be an intolerable jerk with a pill addiction?! Yes, he can also play guitar, piano, drums, and harmonica. He has even released two jazz and blues albums! Ryan Gosling: Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Cello When he’s not out being a heartthrob apparently he’s finding ways to become even more of one. Gosling plays piano, guitar, bass guitar, and cello just to make sure that all lesser men always remember their insignificance in his shadow. Jennifer Garner: Saxophone If 20 years ago anyone had told you that Jennifer Garner would one day be a beautiful, rich and famous movie star, you probably would have said, “Yeah, whatever, she’s a loser band geek,” and then pushed her face-first into a trashcan to show how much cooler you were. Well she was a band geek, a proud one. She played saxophone and now you make millions of dollars less than her and are, more than likely, less attractive. images: Jennifer Garner: Ryan Gosling: Hugh Laurie: Steve Martin: Keanu Reeves: Clint Eastwood: Bruce Willis: Johnny Depp:
ryan goslng! adding more things to his list of perfection!! wow .. 4 instruments ranging from electric bass to cello > <;
@dillonk i think that might be the understatement of the year lol (the young year but nevertheless lol)
@coolestx133 This is so cool, I had no idea! It's interesting that Steve Martin plays the banjo, I feel like that is not the most popular instrument to play..