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@dillonk … have a listen … :D … pop tarts at their finest … wouldn't you agree @ameliasantos10
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@nokcha 'i knew i loved you' is a great ballad too...
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@cheerfulcallie HAHAH i just saw your new 'i knew i loved you' card you posted and i giggled hahah now im starting to listen to all these old songs again thanks a lot @divalycious @onesmile @dillonk @ameliasantos10
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@nokcha sometimes just a day of old songs is so great~~
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@onesmile @cheerfulcallie especially old motown songs or just songs from the 60s in general. older songs just make you feel good :)
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@nokcha I don't know if you're a video gamer, but you just reminded me of the Fallout playlist <3
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