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Definitely gotten more polarized by year.
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@Goyo I agree. I wish they would have put in 2008 and 2012, just to see how more polarized it's become. @dillonk probably Ross Perot. He was pretty big that time, even though he backed out. That would be my guess.
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@goyo @saravy do u remember the 2004 election and the Bush-Gore fiasco?? that was an incredible year, all decided by Florida
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yes i remember them @n3xt not the best of times for anyone involved including kids that didnt know what was going on (like me lol)
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@n3xt I remember it. It was my first election to vote for the president ( I had barely just missed the 2000 election) and I remember wanting to vote Nader, but knowing I didn't want Bush, but still. It was very draining watching the outcome of it. ^^
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Yeah nader really stole that election for Bush.
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