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Scrubs season 2 ep 2 - If I had a Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies
I loved this song. I really liked this song bc it is so ridiculous. And come on some of the things he says are true. For example: 1) Who doesn't want a monkey? 2) Why don't we have pre-wrapped bacon? 3) Getting a real fur coat is cruel This by far is the best video I have seen made for this song. Music should be true and funny lol
I think we need to examine your question #2 some more XD all things bacon are important. very. important.
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im with @onesmile on this. also intrigued by this dijon ketchup business haha
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@onesmile everything is better in bacon! i mean can anyone mention something that cant be improved with bacon?? @n3xt dijon ketchup does sound intriguing lol
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