Is It the Correct Time to Replace Car Tyres?

Tyres of different brands wear out at different speeds because of diverse tread patterns, and groove designs. It is practically impossible to determine when your car tyres will wear out and become irreparable. It is very important to change the tyres as soon as they wear down. As your safety depends heavily on the tyres, you need to be more careful with the tyre replacement.

Many drivers usually forget the tyre manufacturing date or installation date. Therefore, a lot of them end up skipping the limit and this damages their vehicle’s performance. Worn out tyres are risky and can put your life in serious danger. Tyres with less or no grooves can slip easily, especially in wet conditions.

The most common question that arises in this context is when to replace the tyres? The UK government has determined the minimum tread depth limit to be 1.6mm.

Your Tyre’s Tread Depth Says It All

If you are confused about when should you replace your car tyres, you should take a look at your tyre’s tread depth. If the depth is less than the standard limit as recognised by the UK government, then you must replace them urgently. It is illegal to drive a car with tyres having a tread depth of less than 1.6mm.

Your tread depth ensures grip and traction on wet roads. This saves them from slipping and colliding with other vehicles. Therefore, to ensure a safe side, always replace your tyres Shenstone before they reach their minimum limit.

How to Measure the Tread Depth?

The coin test can help you measure your tread depth. All you need to do is place the coin on the tread grooves across the tyre. If you can see the head of the image inscribed on the coin, then your tyres are worn and old. You must get them replaced as soon as possible.

You can also take your vehicle to a garage and ask the professional to examine the tyres. The professional will tell you in no time whether you need to replace the tyre or not.

The tyres usually have the manufacturing date and year written on the tyre compound. You can check for that too.

Why is Tyre Replacement Important?

The stability a driver gets on the road depends on the traction offered by the Tyres cannock. Though traction is not much important while driving on dry roads, it becomes extremely crucial on wet roads. Slippery roads can cause problems while driving, and this may lead the driver to lose control in case the vehicle slips on the road.

The tread design and tread depth also play a vital role in expelling the water from the grooves and prevent hydroplaning. But if the tyres are old and worn out, you may face issues on rainy days and wet roads.

You may not notice the reduction in tread depth daily, but if inspected properly, you would know that the tyres are growing old.
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