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The scenery and the castle are just so incredible. Is this wat u were talkin about @warlord88? truly incredible right? @sjeanyoon this is one of the reasons why I thought the sagrada familia would fit here haha
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@warlord88 LoL do you call the girls you know bro, dude or buddy? As a girl.... I don't know about bro or dude. hmm... I guess buddy works :)
That's okay :) No, I'm not Chinese~
@warlord88 Ditto :D by the way did you get my PM?
This is such a great collection idea! Minas Tirith was one of my favorite settings in the films!
Image 4 seems to be a scaled version of Gondor; am I correct? Even though it's not a full sized version, the detailed work is incredible at bringing Tolkien's words to life.