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@divalycious @ameliasantos10 @dillonk this is y "yolo" is not cool, especially that last part. sigh.... haha
@n3xt oh no :( i didn't meant to get serious lol i think i am just an angry person! LOL i got too in to it oops hahahhahahahhaha
@pampam93 whoa u just got serious dont knw wat i should say haha @onesmile i think this is like asking who doesnt like ice cream...
@n3xt maybbbeeee but I haven't seen anyone here yet!! They're gonna have to speak up and defend YOLO XD
@onesmile i know hahahhaah I am just so tired of YOLO lol @n3xt I am not sure who is for it but i just hope that they will just not use it as an excuse for something stupid.. i just read so many things online about some kids stealing from a store and say it's a YOLO experience kinda thing
@onesmile there must be someone whos 4 it no?
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