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2NE1′s CL and Big Bang’s G-Dragon have participated in collaboration with the world dubstep DJ Skrillex in his new album. Read more: Follow us on Twitter for the latest update of your K-Pop idol!
@nokcha @ameliasantos10 def unique!! haha
@nokcha the beat is def. catchy and i think when it's a collab song from YG it's not really anyone kind of music but it's just catchy and it get stuck but i mean YG artists are more than qualified artists themselves but just the theme of the songs ahahhaha @serbshavemofun hahaha i know!! well like i said it's hard to be a fan of something so... unique?? hahahah
@serbshavemofun @ameliasantos10 I re-listened to it and the beat is so catchy! you're right though..not my kind of music :/
Lol @ameliasantos10 so glad it's not just me!!! Ive listened to it a few more times now - gotta say love some of the lyrics ("hold my purse") CL is brilliant lol but the high pitch and esp how much the voices were warped in the beginning... well I must just not be a fan of that style? lol
@nokcha YG definitely has a different level of connection to the US market when comparing to the other companies ... and @serbshavemofun i think sometimes when listening to YG songs the first thing we need to do is open our mind because sometimes i listen and i am just like what is this song hahah
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