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"Eddie Cochran knows how much it sucked to be a teenager, even back in 1958. His slightly rebellious hit "raised a holler" about just how much of a bummer it is to have to work all summer instead of frolicking with your girl and your friends. The tune, appropriately featured in the 1980 film "Caddyshack," may claim there's no cure for the summertime blues, but we'd guess it sure beats sitting in school." I love this era. Makes me want to go to a Sock Hop haha, did you ever have those at school? I went to one once and we had to wear poodle skirts!!
@nokcha me too hehe but now I'm realizing I havent watched it in So long!!
@onesmile i love grease hahaha
@onesmile i think it was in elementary school, we had a sock hop and an ice cream social :)
your school had a sockhop?! so jealous haha closest I got was when I performed as Rizzo in grease lol