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With the news of Hangeng’s dating rumors spreading, spotlight has refocused on the former Super Junior member. Hangeng debuted as a member of Super Junior in 2005 and promoted as the only Chinese member. With his unique characteristic shown off in variety shows and dance skills from his training in traditional dancing, Hangeng gained many fans in Korea. After promoting with the other Super Junior members for about four years, however, Hangeng applied for provisional disposition of his contract with SM Entertainment. About quitting SM, Hangeng said in an interview in China, “The main reason I left the company was because I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. I felt like I had autism. I was psychologically unstable for some time. I wondered what they would do if I committed suicide, like many other Korean celebrities.” Being involved in dating rumors with Hangeng since 2012, actress Jiang Kai Tong attended a drama press conference on March 11 and when a reporter asked about Hangeng, she answered, “It’s too early to talk about marriage,” indirectly admitting that she is dating him. Source: Shared at by uksujusid TAKE OUT WITH FULL AND PROPER CREDITS. ________________________________________ For every concern Hangeng fan (gengster i think) i have a few words I hope people realize that the actress Hangeng is rumored to be dating only stated she isn’t ready for Marriage. People don’t get younger they get older, so she’s probably thinking that her next relationship will lead her into marriage and maybe she’s not mentally prepared for commitment She apparently has a new drama coming up, the company is probably trying to stir-shit so that her drama gets attention Sheesh no body ever looks at things with positivity it’s like the negative climate change is affecting peoples thoughts too.
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Too many artists get negative attention, leave them alone!! Too bad reporters couldn't care about private lives and just focus on the artist life, like he said with the suicide, too many negative aspects being reported about their daily lives. Good luck HanGeng!!