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Does anyone remember this cereal?! It used to be my favorite before it sadly got discontinued ): According to recent polls, roughly 30 percent of all Americans eat cold cereal in the morning. While there are plenty of great cereal flavors on the shelves these days, it's easy to look back and yearn for a few favorites that are no longer available. Berry-Berry KIX cereal brings back memories of waking up on Saturday mornings and watching my morning dose of cartoons when I was in elementary school. I would pour a gallon of milk into a large cereal bowl, and spoon the sugary goodness into my mouth while I was still in my pajamas. Oh nostalgia. What was your favorite cereal that is no longer available??
@ameliasantos10 HAHAH i love them regardless..and I hope they don't discontinue.. I will be so sad. In the future all we will have is granola and healthy cereals..SIGH!!
@samrusso716 actually ... i did saw them too!! hahahahaha why didn't I think? and omg Count Chocula!!!!! please let me know if you write the petition I will totally sign it with yoou!
LOL @amog32 I completely feel your pain.. we should write and sign a petition to get them back :D
@samrusso716 RIGHTS?!! RIGHT?!!! all my colleagues still tease me cuz I love them so much!
@samrusso716 yessss count chocula is the best!! and boo berry lol
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