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Running Man Ep 102 KIM SOO HYUN!!! [Eng]
KIM SOO HYUN is going to be on Running Man Episode 102!!! Aack I am so excited!!! Here are the previews for you guys and Eng Subs too! Sorry peeps the videos dont sit on Youtube so I cant upload them, but here are the links anyways! Part 1: http://runningmanclub.blogspot.kr/2012/07/running-man-episode-102-preview.html Part 2: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/newsunday/index.html (follow red arrow in the uploaded image for where to click!) Running Man Episode 102 Eng Sub Part 1 Kim Soo Hyun: Hello? Did you said it failed? So Haha and Gary already took the golden figures? Ah...I'm so disappointed.I hate looking at your face, so stand up and turn back. [keke this is an inside joke for all guys who are rabid fans of 'The Moon and the Sun', cos this is what Kim Soo Hyun always said to his beloved henchman whenever he was pissed with him] Now it's my turn... Next week on Running Man: The New Chase Running Man Episode 102 Eng Sub Part 2 Now it's my turn to move... I am sooo excited!!! Anyone doing recaps? Do share on Vingle! keke those who are as excited as me leave a comment! Next week, watch out for me Starring "KIM SOO HYUN" ==================================== In addition: I just found the videos on Youtube! Check them out here http://www.vingle.net/posts/30247
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